London Ear Centre runs several dedicated ear care and microsuction clinics throughout London during the week as part of the Ear Care Clinic network. All our clinics are held in state of the art clinical environments using the latest technology and are led by our expert Consultant Audiologists, who are the founders and lead trainers of the gold standard Ear Care and Microsuction Training Course which takes place regularly in Charing Cross Hospital.

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Why Choose our Ear Care Services? 


  • Only highly trained and experienced Consultant Audiologists with a specialist interest in Ear Care perform the procedure at London Ear Centre
  • All our clinics are equipped with state of the art equipment–surgical grade ENT microscopes­–enabling our Consultants to obtain the highest magnification and the best possible results. We never use lesser forms of magnification such as loupes or video-endoscopes
  • All our clinics are CQC registered, ensuring the highest standards are maintained
  • Our Consultant Audiologists are also able to deal with other ear problems/ medical issues such as hearing loss, tinnitus, ear infections, dizziness
  • We also train other doctors/ clinicians to perform this procedure through our gold standard national training organisation Ear Care Academy–No other ear wax removal/ microsuction clinic has our level of expertise 



This mini consultation includes:

  • A brief discussion of your current symptoms and a review of any relevant audiological/ medical history
  • Advice on effective ear care and suitable ear care products
  • Clinical otoscopy to examine the health of your outer ear, ear canal and ear drum
  • Tympanometry to evaluate ear drum mobility and the health of your middle ear
  • Arrangement of further audiological diagnostics where appropriate
  • Onward referral to ENT/ other specialists for further medical evaluation as appropriate.
  • A summary report of your ear health, with any further actions recommended

Wax microsuction: £85

This procedure includes:

  • An Ear Care Consultation
  • Wax removal by microsuction for one or both ears, as required


These are often required when managing an ear infection. Swabs of debris from you ear are sent to a microbiology lab, which are cultured to help guide the most effective antibiotic/ antifungal treatment.

e-Prescriptions: £25

Mainly for antibiotics/ antifungals to treat any active ear infections found during an ear examination. These are sent to you via email. 

* Please note the following important points in the event that any of the following outcomes arise during an appointment:

  • No wax is found in your ears during an examination: Your appointment will be considered an ‘Ear Care Consultation’ and you will be charged for this as appropriate.
  • It is not possible to remove all the wax from your ears during an appointment: You will be re-booked for a further wax microsuction session after a period of self-directed wax softening. Your follow-up appointment, and any others required to remove all the remaining wax in your ears, will be charged the same fee as an ‘Ear Care Consultation’
  • Requirement of onward ENT referral: Recommendations for onward referral will be made on your report. These can either be arranged by our team upon request or left to you to arrange at your own convenience.