About London Ear Centre

London Ear Centre’s main objective is to ensure that all our patients benefit from the highest level of care for their ears. We believe a holistic approach is the best way to achieve this. Our multi-disciplinary team has been carefully selected and includes leading experts at the forefront of their respective clinical fields. Our Consultant-Level Audiologists make up the frontline team, with close and collaborative support provided by Physicians, ENT Specialists, Specialist Neuro-Physiotherapists, Clinical Psychologists, Medicolegal Specialists and Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

At London Ear Centre, we understand that each and every one of our patients has unique needs, so we invest significant resources in carrying out comprehensive diagnostic assessments and understanding individuals’ lifestyle, needs and desired outcomes - and tailor a suitable treatment plan accordingly. We endeavour to understand, educate and work in partnership with our patients to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes are always achieved. If you’re struggling with any signs of hearing loss or think you may benefit from microsuction ear wax removal, look no further than London Ear Centre for specialist-level ear care, delivered by the experts.


At London Ear Centre, we appreciate that there are numerous options available to patients to obtain care for their ear-related problems. While you may have previously received great care from a different clinician or service, there may be occasions where you feel it may be worthwhile getting another opinion from an unbiased professional.

Our Second Opinion Service gives you the opportunity to consult with one of our Consultant Audiologists regarding any hearing impairment you may have and/or any hearing aid technology you have previously been fitted with. During your appointment, we will go through your health history, symptoms, previous test results, and any issues you may be experiencing with any hearing aid technology you are using. You will then be provided with an unbiased opinion about your current status and be given recommendations to help optimise your situation.

London Ear Centre Fees

Hearing Diagnostics

Hearing Consultation: £150

Pure Tone Audiogram: £100

Loudness Discomfort Levels: £90

Tympanometry: £65

Acoustic Reflexes: £150

Speech Audiometry: £90

Auditory Training: £150 (self-pay only)

Auditory Implant Evaluation: £150

Medicolegal Audiology (self-pay only)

Medicolegal Evaluation: £175

Medicolegal Audiogram: £100


Multi-disciplinary balance clinic: £2000

VNG: £265

Caloric Testing: £300

VHIT: £155

VEMP: £275

Dix Hallpike (BPPV assessment): £105

Vestibular Rehabilitation: £125

Falls Risk Assessment: £500 (self-pay only)

Concussion Assessment: £500 (self-pay only)

Hearing Aids (self-pay only)

Hearing Aid Consultation: £150

2nd Opinion Consultation: £100

Universal Hearing Aid Package: £1000/ £2000 (monaural/ binaural)

Advanced Hearing Aid Package: £1375/ £2750 (monaural/ binaural)

Premium Hearing Aid Package: £1750/ £3500 (monaural/ binaural)


Tinnitus Consultation: £300 (self-pay only)

Tinnitus Matching test: £75

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy: £150 (self-pay only)

Tinnitus CBT: £150

Ear Care

Ear Health Check: £50 (self-pay only)

Wax Microsuction (one or both ears): £85

Ear Swab: £55 (self-pay only)

e-Prescription: £25 (self-pay only)

Ear Protection

Ear Impressions (one or both ears): £30 (self-pay only)  

Customised Earware: £POA

How To Pay

Using your medical insurance

You can use your medical insurance to pay for diagnostic hearing and balance tests. London Ear Centre are registered providers with all the major health insurance companies.

If you have been referred by your ENT Consultant and wish to claim the test fees through your medical insurance, then you will need to call your insurance company and obtain an authorisation number.

Please note that hearing aids and their associated professional fees are not covered by medical insurance.

Paying for your treatment

You can of course self-pay for all London Ear Centre services (all self-pay only services are labelled on the pricelist). Payment in full is accepted on the day of your appointment. You can pay by credit/ debit card, or cash.

Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy

For self-paying patients, our appointments are only payable in person during attendance of your appointment at one of our London Ear Centre clinics by debit/credit card or cash. After you are seen in our clinic, if your appointment fee is more than the amount you expected to pay (e.g. if you require additional treatment such as prescriptions, swabs, or a different type of appointment etc), this is payable after your appointment is finished by debit/ credit card or cash.

*Ear Care Clinic appointments at London Ear Centre

If there is no wax or debris to remove from a patient’s ears following examination as part of an Ear Care Clinic appointment at London Ear Centre, microsuction ear wax removal may not be required. This results in the appointment becoming an ‘Ear Care Consultation’, where the clinician will examine the health of the outer ear and ear drum, and discuss the likely causes of hearing loss and potential further investigations the patient may need. Microsuction not being performed during an appointment does not entitle patients to any kind of refund of their appointment fees. Being seen in the clinic takes up an appointment slot and clinician time, hence a fee needs to be charged. The clinic cannot be held responsible for lack of requirement for microsuction in specific patients.

There are multiple causes of hearing loss and often this symptom is not related to a build-up of ear wax. Our clinicians are able to consult with patients regarding other causes of hearing loss and of any suggested further investigations. Any partial refund returned to patients is completely discretionary and is decided by the individual clinician seeing the patient.

Cancellation Policy

When a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen.

Please call us on 0203 675 9985 at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations. If prior notification is not given, there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the value of the missed appointment. Cancellations of appointments more than 24hrs from the time of the appointment will not incur any cancellation fees being imposed.

These terms cannot be altered due to reasons beyond the London Ear Centre’s control. This includes: weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, transportation, illness, pandemics, childcare, etc.

Booking an appointment online or on via telephone implies acceptance of these terms.

We are affiliated with all the below governing bodies

Care Quality Commission

All our clinics operate from CQC regulated sites

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We are accredited by all private health insurance providers

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We are happy to accept patient referrals from Consultants, GPs and other related healthcare professionals.

If you would like refer a patient to us, please click the below link to download our referral form:

Kindly complete all sections of the form and email it back to us at [email protected] and we will process it as soon as possible.


Many thanks for the referral.

S Razzaque
Caring and professional staff, excellent clinic set up, very thorough ear and hearing diagnostics. Excellent service, recommend to all.
George Douloubakas
Mohammed providing a sterling service! He treated my blocked ears and also gave me additional details to help my TMJ. Excellent doctor and I highly recommend him.
Chiraag Mutreja
Went for microsuctuon. The doctor was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
Nikolai Hoffmann
Great service w. Sunny who was prompt but thorough with the wax removal. Thanks for the service!
Neha Muthiyan
Had my balance test done here. Great experience and knowledgeable doctors.
David T
Very friendly and helpful, would recommend