Ear Clinic London

Find relief from common ear problems at a first class London ear clinic. London Ear Centre is a specialist network of ear clinics based across London, offering a range of services to help tackle many ear-related issues. As a London ear specialist clinic, we diagnose and treat hearing problems, and perform microsuction ear wax removal. You’ll also find help for tinnitus, balance and coordination, and any hearing damage you may have.

Specialist Ear Clinic London

London Ear Centre specialises in ear health of every kind. Our London ear clinic network supports our patients in testing, managing, and treating several common ear complaints. We tailor every solution to the individual needs of our patients, carrying out cutting-edge diagnostics and administering the highest levels of treatment. 

Our London ear specialists are experts in their field, and our services cover:


We are a London hearing specialist and offer full hearing examinations to help diagnose hearing loss. We can find the underlying cause and guide you towards a solution. Whether treatment involves microsuction to clear any blockages or requires hearing aids, London Ear Centre will provide a full audiological report so you can understand every aspect of your hearing loss and the next steps.


Balance problems, or a prolonged feeling of dizziness can be attributed to any number of conditions. Many people do not realise that the ears are often responsible for feelings of dizziness. Finding a London ear clinic that can run multiple tests and with a specialism in balance diagnostics can make all the difference to not just your ears but your overall health and wellbeing. 


Tinnitus is often characterised by a ringing sound in the ears, yet there are other lesser known signs and symptoms. Visit any of our London ear clinic locations to receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and tinnitus therapy if necessary. 

Ear Care 

Blocked ears are extremely common and there’s a simple solution that is highly effective at removing excess ear wax. London Ear Centre is part of a network of microsuction ear wax removal clinics based in convenient locations throughout London. Microsuction is a gold standard ear wax removal procedure performed by highly skilled ear care specialists.

Ear Protection 

Loud noises can damage the ear instantly or from more prolonged exposure. If you think you have hearing damage caused by loud noises, visit your nearest London ear clinic for diagnostic tests to determine the severity of the problem. We also offer a range of bespoke earware solutions designed to protect your ears from several risk factors such as noise pollution, water damage, and ear phone use.

Why Choose London Ear Centre?

London Ear Centre offers first class diagnostics and treatment for minor and major ear complaints. When you visit us at one of our London ear clinic locations, you can expect:

  • Highly trained specialists, including audiologists, clinical physicians, and ENT specialists
  • In-depth diagnostic tests to fully investigate every aspect of your ear problem
  • Detailed reports that clearly explain the cause of your ear condition and the suggested treatment
  • Convenient London locations that are easily accessible on London transport routes and by car
  • Personalised care that identifies your specific issue and the treatment that will work for you
  • Transparent fees so you know exactly what to expect
  • Complete ear care in one place with no need to travel across London for several different appointments if you have more than one concern

Our London Ear Clinic Locations

London Ear Centre has a dedicated London ear clinic in several major towns in the city. This makes it easy for anyone wanting to find a London hearing specialist or find help for tinnitus, balance and ear wax removal local to you. 

Our ear clinic London locations can be found in:

  • Marylebone - Our central London ear clinic is in London Medical and a short walk to Baker Street or Regent Street Tube stations. There is also parking available nearby on Paddington Street
  • Orpington - For anyone living in or near to Kent, our Orpington clinic can be reached by train from central London stations, or there is ample free parking on site
  • Canary Wharf - Our London ear clinic at Canary Wharf is ideally located for anyone living or working in London. If using public transport, the Westferry DLR station or Canary Wharf Underground station are closest. If you’re travelling by car, you can park at Westferry Circus car park
  • Stepney Green - Anyone local to East London, Essex, or the surrounding areas can visit the Stepney Green clinic inside the BMI London Independent Hospital. As there’s limited parking, it may be better to travel by Tube and alight at Stepney Green station

Contact us

You can choose a London Ear Centre clinic close to work or home for fast and convenient ear care treatments.

Please contact us if you require more information or would like to book an appointment at a London ear clinic near you.

S Razzaque
Caring and professional staff, excellent clinic set up, very thorough ear and hearing diagnostics. Excellent service, recommend to all.
George Douloubakas
Mohammed providing a sterling service! He treated my blocked ears and also gave me additional details to help my TMJ. Excellent doctor and I highly recommend him.
Chiraag Mutreja
Went for microsuctuon. The doctor was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
Nikolai Hoffmann
Great service w. Sunny who was prompt but thorough with the wax removal. Thanks for the service!
Neha Muthiyan
Had my balance test done here. Great experience and knowledgeable doctors.
David T
Very friendly and helpful, would recommend