This is the first step in order for us to understand what your current hearing levels are. Our experts will perform a number of different tests depending on what they feel is required to determine whether your hearing is normal or not and, in the event that any impairments are detected, will advise on the best solutions available based on your lifestyle and requirements. All hearing tests are carried out in a sound treated booth or room, following best clinical practice, with testing procedures explained to you prior to commencement.

A hearing assessment may include the following where appropriate:

  • Audiological / Medical history and Hearing evaluation questionnaire.
  • Pure Tone Audiometry – Test to identify hearing thresholds and the degree of any loss.
  • Speech Audiometry – Used to determine the weakest intensity for word recognition.
  • Tympanometry – Test to examine the health of the middle ear and ear drum movement.
  • Acoustic Reflexes – Screens the integrity of the auditory nerve pathway.
  • Consultation and individual management plan.
  • Comprehensive audiological report or e-report provided.

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