Hearing Assessments And Diagnostics

A hearing assessment is the first step for us to understand where your current hearing levels are. Our ear care experts will carry out a number of different diagnostic hearing tests depending on your individual needs, so we can determine whether your hearing is normal or not.

All of our diagnostic hearing tests are carried out in a sound-treated booth or room, following clinical best practice, and all testing procedures will be explained to you before we start. If any impairments are found following your hearing assessment, we’ll advise you on the best solutions available, based on your lifestyle and requirements.

What To Expect From A Hearing Assessment

When you book a hearing assessment at London Ear Centre, you can expect to meet with one of our audiology experts, who will carry out the following diagnostic hearing tests where appropriate:

  • A hearing assessment questionnaire to determine your audiological and medical history
  • Pure tone audiometry - a test designed to identify your hearing thresholds and the degree of any hearing loss
  • Speech audiometry - this test is used to determine the weakest intensity for word recognition
  • Tympanometry - a type of hearing assessment that examines the health of the middle ear, as well as ear drum movement
  • Acoustic reflexes - a test that screens the integrity of your auditory nerve pathway

Your hearing assessment at London Ear Centre will also include consultation, an individual management plan for your specific needs, and a comprehensive audiological report.

Why Book A Hearing Assessment At London Ear Centre?

Booking a hearing assessment at London Ear Centre means you can receive professional advice on managing any hearing problems as soon as you begin to notice a decline in your hearing function. Find out more about our team of ear care specialists.

We have ear care clinics across London and also in Orpington, Kent, so you can undergo a hearing assessment at a location that’s convenient to you. Discover your nearest London Ear Centre clinic.

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Caring and professional staff, excellent clinic set up, very thorough ear and hearing diagnostics. Excellent service, recommend to all.
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Mohammed providing a sterling service! He treated my blocked ears and also gave me additional details to help my TMJ. Excellent doctor and I highly recommend him.
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Went for microsuctuon. The doctor was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
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Had my balance test done here. Great experience and knowledgeable doctors.
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